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Digitally enabling communities 

We have always said that we want our work to improve human lives and make our clients' businesses grow. Rarely is this objective more obvious than in the delivery of digital solutions that support all members of our society, globally.


From traffic systems to healthcare services, public announcements to recruitment campaigns, we work with a wide range of public sector organisations to enable them to deliver meaningful experiences to the users who rely on them.

We help to shape the way things are done across the industry. As an early advocate of agile methods, we pioneer new and efficient methods that transform ways of working and speed of delivery.


In the UK we enable Government departments to meet the Digital Service Standard and are actively involved in its continued improvement. In Germany we have been responsible for outlining the digital program roadmap. Wherever we work in the world, we are particularly proud of our projects that help the vulnerable in our society and support some of the most deserving communities.


GDS Assessments Passed


Million Users Enabled


Legacy Systems Replaced


Million £ in Savings

The total experience

To enable public sector organisations to best support their users requires the transformation of ways of working, the intelligent application of data and a focus on user-centred design. To deliver the total experience for users, we work with government bodies and public sector teams to engage their departments in this transformation. This brings improvements to operational resilience and cost efficiency, while improving the user experience.


We make sure to elevate user participation through the co-design of services and continuous attention to delivery validation via research, testing and analytics. We employ data driven methods to enable informed decision making, leveraging the latest in data science and platform technologies

We achieve all of this by employing the power of collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams of experts. These teams comprise of User Researchers, Engineers, Designers and Data Scientists who interact daily with users, stakeholders, and other suppliers to maximise the power of collaboration.

Data-led organisation

Ofgem came to Valtech to help them become a data-led organisation, and to enable the energy industry to transform as well. We helped them by setting up a data exchange and data hub to allow them to manage regulatory data across all operational functions. This now allows them to make regulatory decisions in a matter of days rather than weeks.

" I just knew that Valtech were a trusted partner, I trusted the work they’d done before, I trusted their professionalism and when they were selected to work on this, I had no qualms about it. The delivery management, user research, the developers, everything that came together, but the challenge that they give back and they have proven to me, at times, no journey is smooth, but when the goings got tough, Valtech have been real partners and a real support to me."

Sarah Cox, COO at Ofgem

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Scaling for the future

We run the multi-award winning Blue Badge service for the DfT. We have taken the project end-to-end. Having started with modernising their application we now manage the service. Overall the modernisation project saves £4.75m per year, and having us manage the project allows DfT’s staff to concentrate on what really matters to them.

We've worked with a wide range of technology solutions and hosting providers and bring our extensive experience of design and delivery of digital services to maintaining them.


We ensure that your requirements are met by identifying the key service requirements. Alongside you we then develop a detailed Service Level Agreement, with measurable KPIs, which ensures that the service always performs at its best.

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