Remote Experiences

The Next Step in Brand Loyalty

The Next Step in Brand Loyalty

Remote Experiences

At Valtech, Innovation is more than what we do, it’s who we are. And you can’t have a collection of innovative thinkers and designers without a strong focus on emerging and trending technology.  

After conducting a large survey, Valtech found that consumers were certain to get back into the habit of shopping in physical locations again, but that the transition would carry some needed changes. Enter the importance of remote experiences.   

Remote experiences allow you to mimic the physical experience of being in the store while customers are still safe at home. Give your customers the ability to compare products, to move through a virtual store with the same layout as their favourite location, the ability to have their most in depth questions answered by an expert, all from the comfort of their own space and without the pressure of forcing a sale. Remote experiences instead give you the ability to build relationships and a community, the sales will follow.  

The benefits and necessity of meeting customers where they are is well documented, but the beauty of remote experiences is that they’re a great enabler of your workforce. Through maximizing remote experiences, you embolden associates to become true brand ambassadors. Allowing them to build awareness through connected profiles and shopping history, deep knowledge of the products sold so they can offer the kind of advice that will set you apart from other brands, and inspiration for creating and promoting truly unique and personalised content that goes far beyond simple algorithms and data to make an impact. 

It’s been clear for a while now that an important aspect of all experiences is being able to meet the user where they are, and collectively across the globe we’re embarking on a time where everyone is going to feel safer with remote interaction.
- Lindsey Harris, Remote Experiences Lead at Valtech

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Our POCs

Remote experiences

Take a look at some of our POCs to get a better understanding of the innovative work we’ve done.


This browser based, app-free tool allows users to scan product labels (no barcode required) with their phone. Scanning launches interactive menus displaying product information, instructional videos, ordering options and anything shoppers need to know.


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Virtual Consultations

This prototype allows a consultant to guide a customer through a quiz and generate product recommendations. This would be applicable to beauty consultations, sporting equipment, and many other sectors. Behind the scenes this is using Amazon (Amazon IVS).


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