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  • Company: Valtech
  • Theme: Luxury Experiences
  • Name & Title: Line Tousignant, VP Strategy & Experience
  • Topics: Customer Experiences, Digital Transformations, Breaking Silos, COVID's impact on Luxury


Making your mark

Most digital transformations start with a desire to provide better experiences for the customer, and for luxury the goal is extraordinary experiences. But how often have businesses actually asked their customers what they want? And how do they differentiate themselves when everyone's moving in the same direction?

These are some of the questions businesses and organisations need to ask themselves and prepare for, when they think of digital transformations. Listen to Line's insights and get better prepared to answer those questions for your business.

"In some cases it goes as far as bringing the company to even question their own positioning - what is their core message? How do they fit in the ecosystem? And how are they delivering a key differentiator that will really help them to compete in the market?"


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