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  • Company: Toyota Financial Services
  • Theme: Adapting Automotive to the Digital Age
  • Name & Title: Alessio Becattini, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
  • Topics: From Automotive to Mobility, Adapting to the Future, Customer Expectations, Customer Experiences and Mobility in the Future


Adapting to the Future

The automotive industry has undergone massive changes the past years. But that may very well be nothing compared to the changes it faces going forward. Get Alessio's take on the beginning and the future of this transformative adventure.

"What we call a car today, will be an extension of the household; it will be a place where you can work, you can relax, you can work out and you can prepare for an event. If you start to see it from this point of view, you can see that today we are at the very beginning of this journey."


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