Unlocking Trust in Health 

Life science companies must lead in restoring public trust in health to secure long-term commercial prosperity.

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Trust is the bedrock of Health  

Trust is the bedrock of individual health outcomes. High personal trust in health experiences leads to improved health behaviors, increased satisfaction with treatments, reduced symptoms, and higher quality of life.  

Public trust in governmental health management has reached historic lows. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, only 43% of people trust that governments will do what is right in addressing health needs and concerns.  

Life science companies hold a unique position in the healthcare landscape. They have the potential to help restore trust in health and secure long-term commercial prosperity by embracing the "holistic value, high margin, high volume" play.  

This article explores vital questions such as:  

Why act?

Where to play?

How to win?  


Valtech's deep subject matter expertise in Health  

As a leading agile agency, Valtech combines strategy, creativity, and technology to create breakthrough health experiences. Based on our successful track record working with most tier 1 life science companies across all major therapeutic areas, we offer captivating insights on how life science companies can better differentiate in the market. Enjoy this inspirational read to discover how our unique perspective can benefit your organisation.

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