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Introducing Human-2-Business

Wherever and whenever we perform under the relentless pressures we face in our daily lives, we can sometimes lose sight of the Why and How: Why are we here? Why do we choose to do this work? How should we make a difference?

十一月 20, 2020

How the Impact of Covid-19 can Regenerate Human Health

As of October 1, we have surpassed 33 million confirmed COVID-19 cases globally, according to Johns Hopkins University. Not only has the pandemic reached all corners of the world, but it has also fundamentally changed what we consider normal. As many nations begin to roll-back social mitigation strategies as a response to the second wave of the pandemic, the public discourse now focuses on what will become our new reality, and if we will adapt to it or not.

十月 08, 2020

Where to Play Next in Healthcare

When we are in the midst of a storm, it is hard to see the light behind the clouds. As we live through a health crisis that has shut down the entire world, we search for a way forward by asking deep questions. Who are we? What is valuable in life? Where do we go from here? These questions help us make sense of the world. By exploring them, we restore a sense of order in uncertain times.

八月 12, 2020


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