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Customer Portals & Digital Commerce

Customer Portals

Transition from a product-oriented to a customer-centric services organization   

Many B2B organizations are still primarily organized around selling products. The shift is now going towards creating services around the product. This adds more value to the customer and can help change the organization from separate departments (sales, after sales, customer support, project development, etc.) to a customer-centric operation. Creating a customer portal that provides integrated services like  fleet information, machine performance, manuals, customer specific catalogues and pricing, enhances your clients' involvement with your company. It can also help reducing costs and boost share of wallet. 

At Valtech, we know this is complicated stuff. Having implemented customer portals in many B2B organizations worldwide, we know how to address the challenges. From aligning the organization to integrating many systems and creating an excellent experience, always with your customer in mind. We transform by doing.  

Digital Commerce

Growing business by optimizing and expanding e-commerce  

Most companies in B2B have had a digital sales channel for many years. But technology and clients’ expectations evolve fast. Today’s market, especially when operating on a global scale, requires digital commerce platforms that are flexible and scalable. Platforms that are able to deal with multi-channel, multi-language, and often multi-brand challenges.  

The experience of Valtech is ample. For many years, we have been building commerce platforms for large manufacturers and distributors on many different tech stacks, often with a global reach. With our extensive experience in the B2C area, we are able bring the best of both worlds together.  

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