Today’s Connected Traveller

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September 20, 2017

Today’s Connected Traveller

Today's connected traveller expects personalization throughout their travels, from the moment they get an idea for a trip and ultimately reminiscing upon their return. The challenge is personalizing the legacy processes and systems.

At Future Travel Experience Global 2017, there were numerous discussions during the sessions and on the exhibition floor with regard to how to take advantage of the incredible amounts of data airlines, hotels, frequent traveller programs, etc have collected over the years and even decades.

The Data Overflow

This data is typically silo'd within an organization. For example, Operations has its data, Reservations has its data and rarely do they meet. Additional data is being collected by external entities, e.g. airports, that also contribute to the traveller's experience.

Business Intelligence solutions are needed to understand the data available from the various sources. Integrating the data is one of the biggest challenges to viewing a traveller holistically. The BI solution needs to include technology, people and processes to understand what has occurred and identify actions for the future.

The Importance of Being Agile

Using an agile approach enables quick development and deployment of the BI solution. The highest priority business case is implemented first followed by incremental releases to further personalize and refine the traveller's experience.

Better Personalization

Engaging the traveller at the right times with the appropriate information based on their scenario AND similar travellers, based what's been gleaned using BI, leads to successful personalization throughout the traveller's journey.

Valtech can partner with you to create the personalized experience your customers expect based on our system integration, business intelligence and experience management knowledge.

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