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Enabling growth for B2B companies in an ever-changing digital world

How manufacturers and distributors are becoming digital enterprises

Innovating the experience in B2B

Like all business areas, business-to-business (B2B) is changing. Newcomers in your industry, emerging marketplaces, digitally-savvy customers, the world of B2B is constantly shifting. And with outside pressures from pandemics, supply chain breakdowns, the geopolitical situation, and climate crises, companies need to be more agile to be able to respond to change. Digital is essential and many organizations are looking to transform their business.  



For many B2B companies, transforming your way of working can be a challenge. You are likely dealing with: 

  • Low digital adoption rates, both internal and external 

  • International orientation  

  • Multiple sales channels  

  • Colleagues with a more traditional mindset 

  • Focus on product over customer experience  

  • Customer-specific pricing and catalogue 

  • Complex product (information) and service

  • Legacy systems and outdated/scattered IT landscape  

  • Need for many complex integrations

Customer portals for the win

Creating a space where your clients can find all relevant information like fleet insights, machine performance, orders, manuals, specific catalogue and pricing, to name a few. This creates a high level of self service and significantly reduces the error margin. But most importantly, when well executed, it creates a unified customer experience that adds tremendous value for your clients. At Valtech, we know how to start, design, build and integrate such portals. 


We take digital omni-commerce platforms to the next level

We deliver comprehensive digital business platforms with building blocks like CMS, PIM, DAM, CRM, Commerce, OMS and Data that all work together in perfect orchestration. We also have a vision for designing these platforms to serve all audiences—clients, suppliers, sales staff, management, marketers, etc. We empower them with a seamless user experience and data-driven action-triggers to add value and create an intimate and long-lasting relationship.  


We know how to reach and engage the B2B customer through digital marketing 

The B2B audience has different motives in a buying journey than the B2C audience and typically, more people are involved in buying decisions. We know how and where to reach them. Taking a data-driven approach to B2B marketing, we have delivered comprehensive omni-channel marketing programs which are tailored to specific segments and engage the buyers via personalized messaging. These programs are always focused on delivering measurable results and a proven return on investment. At Valtech, we have a lot of experience in the B2C field (retail, automotive, luxury). We can leverage this knowledge and take the best bits out that work in B2B too.  

Change management: We know what it takes to drive business transformation in a B2B organization 

Digital transformation is not only about implementing technologies. The North Star for digital must be clear and communicated by the C-level. The people throughout the organization must embrace the change. They are crucial for the success. At B2B organizations, this does not happen overnight. 

Placing your clients at the center of all your activities and involving them will also help you move from a siloed and product-oriented mindset to a customer-centric organization. We embed a transformation framework into all programs to train and enable our clients’ teams to work agile, leverage digital in existing processes and help spread the mindset of customer centricity. 



We take an agile approach to tackling the complexity and scale 

B2B is complex. The large variety of different types of clients, the customer specific pricing, the difference between local markets, the complex and ample product information, the legacy backend systems. You know the complexities! We understand and appreciate what it takes to successfully drive change and build value-adding digital platforms and services. We plan carefully and apply our agile approach to identifying and achieving quick wins with a fast time-to-market. 

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We were impressed with the team, the facilities, the fact that it's not a small company, but it's not too big, so it's kind of a perfect size where we think you have the capabilities and the resources to have a broad background and experience, but yet have a personal touch and good project management locally. We were impressed with that, and also altech's reputation ...

Jim D'Addario
Jim D'Addario

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