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Shaping the future beyond Mobility

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Valtech services for connected mobility

At Valtech, we don't just navigate the ever-evolving mobility landscape, we architect it. We offer a comprehensive suite of services built around five key pillars, empowering you to transform every facet of the automotive experience.


1. Experience Elevation:

  • Personalized in-car experiences: Craft bespoke in-car journeys that cater to individual preferences.

  • Membership programs: Foster loyalty and engagement with tailored membership programs.

  • In-car entertainment & infotainment services: Keep passengers entertained and informed with cutting-edge infotainment solutions.

  • Customer-centric digital experiences: Design seamless digital touchpoints that keep users engaged throughout their journey.


2. Commerce Acceleration:

  • Future of commerce: Embrace innovative commerce models to stay ahead of the curve.

  • D2C models: Establish a direct line to your customers and unlock new revenue streams.

  • Functions-on-demand: Deliver features and services on-demand, optimizing resource allocation.

  • In-car ecommerce: Transform the car into a convenient and secure shopping platform.

  • Digital marketplace: Facilitate seamless transactions within a thriving digital marketplace.

3. Enterprise Transformation:

  • Software-defined vehicle (SDV): Harness the power of software to redefine the modern vehicle.

  • (Scalable) IoT: Leverage the power of the Internet of Things to connect your vehicles seamlessly.

  • Digital lifecycle management: Streamline the entire vehicle lifecycle from design to production.

  • Agile at scale & product culture: Foster a culture of agility and innovation for continuous product improvement.

  • Connected safety: Prioritize safety with cutting-edge connected car technology.


4. Data Enablement:

  • Complex data connectivity: Master the art of connecting disparate data sources to gain valuable insights.

  • Leaping data management: Effectively manage the ever-increasing volume of data generated by connected vehicles.

  • Data monetization: Unlock the hidden potential of your data to drive strategic decision-making.


5. Marketing, Creativity and Performance:

  • The car as a channel: Reach your target audience directly through the in-car experience.

  • In-car brand experience: Forge deeper connections with your brand through immersive in-car experiences.

  • Integrated campaigns: Develop cohesive marketing campaigns that span the entire customer journey.

  • Point-of-sale per situation: Deliver targeted messaging at the most opportune moments.

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The future of the automotive industry starts now

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation beyond just mobility. Key mobility trends are emerging that are reshaping the way we think about cars and how they fit into our lives. From connectivity to autonomy, shared ownership to electrification, the automotive landscape is evolving rapidly.

Connected vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent, with projections showing that by 2030, 95% of new vehicles sold will be connected. However, despite this growth in vehicle connectivity, many car owners still prefer third-party systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto over OEMs' built-in systems. This presents an opportunity for OEMs to build marketplaces and partnerships that cater to the unique space of the car.

Autonomous driving is also becoming a reality, particularly in the shared space with services like robo-taxis. This shift from drivers to guests and viewing vehicles as the "third space" opens new possibilities for experience innovation and engagement.

Car sharing and subscription models are on the rise, attracting new customers to automotive brands. This shift towards alternative ownership models requires OEMs to adapt their commerce capabilities and design experiences around a different customer journey.

Electrification is not only changing the cars themselves but also impacting sales, after-sales service and charging infrastructure. This shift towards electric vehicles is creating a whole new ecosystem for car brands to integrate into. To get the most out of connected vehicle technology, automotive companies must focus on elevating the customer experience through in-car personalization options, membership programs, in-car entertainment services, and customer-centric digital experiences. They must also accelerate their commerce capabilities through direct-to-consumer models, functions-on-demand, in-car e-commerce and marketplaces.

Enterprise transformation is also crucial in this evolving landscape, with a focus on connected vehicle technology, scalable IoT solutions, digital lifecycle management, agile product culture and connected safety features. Marketing creativity and performance play a key role in leveraging the car as a channel for brand experiences and integrated campaigns.

Data enablement stands as an essential pillar in navigating current mobility trends, facilitating seamless data connectivity, predictive maintenance, and data management in connected environments. Our offering goes beyond, empowering decision makers within OEMs and other mobility companies with capabilities in stock prediction, simulation, data lineage tracking and dynamic insights through customizable dashboards, all while recognizing that data enablement serves as the foundational bedrock for AI integration.

By combining automotive know-how with Valtech's expertise across industries like consumer goods, retail, healthcare, financial services, travel & hospitality, manufacturers can unlock unprecedented opportunities for new services and products that cater to evolving customer needs. The future of the automotive industry lies in embracing these mobility trends and adapting to meet the changing demands of consumers in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Valtech services for connected mobility

Experience Elevation

  • Personalized in-car experiences

  • Membership programs

  • In-car entertainment & infotainment services

  • Customer-centric digital experiences 

Enterprise Transformation

  • Vehicle (SDV)

  • (Scalable) loT

  • Digital lifecycle management

  • Agile at scale & product culture

  • Connected safety

Marketing, Creativity and Performance

  • The car as a channel

  • In-car brand experience

  • Integrated campaigns

  • Point-of-sale per situation

  • Connected safety

Commerce Acceleration

  • Future of commerce

  • D2C models

  • Functions-on-demand

  • In-car ecommerce

  • Digital marketplace

Data Enablement

  • Complex data connectivity

  • Leaping data management

  • Data monetization

Advancing connected mobility throughout the customer journey

In today's dynamic mobility landscape, a singular focus isn't enough. Valtech stands out from the competition by offering a comprehensive approach that seamlessly integrates consulting and delivery services across the entire customer journey.

We don't just design stunning interfaces; we delve deep into the very core of the vehicle. Our unparalleled understanding of the backend, the intricate "digital machine room" of a connected vehicle, empowers us to build exceptional services on top of a rock-solid foundation.

This unique vantage point enables us to craft flawless user experiences that extend far beyond the dashboard. We orchestrate a cohesive narrative that transcends the physical car, encompassing everything from pre-drive anticipation to the post-drive connection.

Choose Valtech as your partner and unlock the full potential of mobility. Together, we'll engineer experiences that not only impress but resonate, helping your brand leap past the competition.


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Our ability to offer a true 360° experience, both in-car and out-of-car, gives us a very unique position in the market. We have the relevant experience within mobility but can also tap into and bring together experiences from other sectors such as retail and luxury. This makes us the ideal bridge between our mobility clients, technology partners and big tech.

- Peter Ivanov, Managing Director, Mobility Global


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