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Valtech and Bloomreach

As a partner with Bloomreach, Valtech is positioned to help businesses around the world move fast in creating, measuring, scaling and continuously improving their customer experience. With employees skilled in implementing each of Bloomreach’s products, Valtech is ready bring the unique solutions presented by Bloomreach products to your business and marketing solutions.

Why Valtech

Providing accurate and relevant search results is crucial in our digital world. For retail brands in particular, a lot of thought and data can go into the question of how to deliver the search results consumers want, while also pairing those results with related merchandise they’d also be interested in. Each Bloomreach product offering helps to improve and streamline this process to help free up your employees for other, high-level tasks.

For years, Valtech has helped companies migrate to a new CMS, to update their site search features, and to focus on customer and user experience upgrades in many different forms. The future of all industry is one in which the end user journey will be as frictionless as possible across multiple touchpoints. Our years of experience in this area have given us the skill and knowledge to implement Bloomreach products into your business as seamlessly and quickly as possible, making sure your business doesn’t take a hit while navigating a necessary change.

About Bloomreach Platforms

Bloomreach offers three products that can help to improve your business in different ways: Bloomreach Experience Cloud (brX), Bloomreach Search & Merchandising (brSM), and Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM).

Bloomreach Experience Cloud (brX) is built specifically to deliver best-in-class B2B and B2C commerce experiences. It is the only solution that combines a modern, API-first ‘headless’ experience solution with intelligence-infused personalization and optimization technology. It enables you to deliver relevant, contextual, and consistent product and content experiences to your customer across all the sites, apps, and other touchpoints they interact with.

Bloomreach Search & Merchandising (brSM) offers a set of algorithms and advanced merchandising tools to fully optimize each visitor’s search, browse and landing page experiences. Machine Learning sets your site up for scale, while merchandisers can adjust and refine results to perfect the product grid.

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) is an open and flexible CMS designed for developers and marketers. As the original headless CMS, brXM allows developers to build quickly and integrate with the systems. While it’s built for speed, it also provides top notch personalization and channel management capabilities for marketers to drive results. These reasons are a big part of why we utilized brXM on the work we did with Kohler APAC.


We’re very pleased to partner with Valtech on this exciting project. Valtech’s broad experience and understanding of the needs of modern digital businesses make them well equipped to deliver a project like this, including the implementation of our industry-leading digital experience platform.

- Jasper de Vreugt, Director of Channel Sales EMEA at BloomReach

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