Valtech and Taurus

Entering the digital asset space is a challenging yet inevitable leap for many brands. It requires the right technology and design, and a true understanding of how this transition needs to support their strategy, ambitions, brand equity, and existing operations.

Combining the complementary expertise from Valtech and Taurus ultimately provides a seamless UI/UX experience to brands and their consumers, bridging the gap between Web2.0 and Web3.0 ecosystems.

About Taurus

As the #1 digital asset platform for Banks in Europe, Taurus brings the cutting-edge, ultra-secure, yet easy-to-use technology to issue, custody, transfer, and trade digital assets and NFTs. Using Taurus’ technology, battle-tested by the most sophisticated players since 2018, brands will be able to issue any types of NFTs on both Ethereum and Tezos blockchains.

Taurus’ modular platform enables brands to manage any digital asset, including NFTs and tokenised assets. Concretely, its suite of products helps teams along their digital asset journey: Taurus-CAPITAL is used to mint and manage NFTs with no limitation. Technically, it can whitelist and interact with any smart contract template on Ethereum (ERC) and Tezos (FA). Taurus-PROTECT is used for the custody of the NFTs combining banking-grade wallet infrastructure (no limitation on the number of addresses) with a seamless user experience. This means a user could create and store an NFT just with an email address or a social login without having to (i) download a crypto wallet on his browser, (ii) write the 12 or 24-word private keys, (iii) buy ETH or XTZ to pay for gas transfer. Taurus-EXPLORER is used for the connectivity to more than 10 blockchain protocols to ensure users can transfer their NFTs at any time, including automatic replay transactions in case a transaction gets stuck on the blockchain. All are done in full compliance with GDPR regulations. T-DX is a regulated marketplace to trade NFTs and tokenised assets.

If properly designed, NFT strategies have the potential to reshape the relationship between brands and communities through new one-to-one consumer touchpoints. Brands require thorough holistic advice and cutting edge technology to deliver engaging and sustainable Web3.0 experience. This is the idea underpinning the Valtech and Taurus partnership. We are hence very pleased to collaborate with Valtech to support new entrants with a secure and flexible infrastructure tailored to their brand equity, strategies, and needs.

Victor Busson, CMO and head of Strategic Partnerships at Taurus

Why Valtech

With more than 5,000 professionals, including consultants, experienced UI/UX designers, marketers, data scientists, creatives, and software engineers across five continents, with more than 50 offices in 19 countries, clients will benefit from end-to-end support, covering all aspects from strategic advisory, UI/UX design, definition and set-up NFTs concepts, and ultra-secure yet simple wallet infrastructure.

Most popular use cases include CRM extensions with blockchain wallets to create new one-to-one relationships with consumers; loyalty program upgrade with NFTs as digital membership or pass for events; product value chain automation with digital twins and certificate of authenticity; and eCommerce growth acceleration via NFT marketplaces.

Together, Valtech and Taurus help you to stay ahead of the curve with new customer engagements

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