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the National Regulatory Control Council

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Get to Know the National Regulatory Control Council


The National Regulatory Control Council is an independent advisory and control body of the Federal Government set up at the Federal Chancellery. It ensures that, in the case of legal regulations, the follow-up costs for citizens, companies and administration are clearly and comprehensibly shown.

Saving taxpayers and local governments money and time by reducing redundancy should be front of mind for all governments, but through the National Regulatory Control Council, Germany has made it into a reality. The question remained, how do you streamline processes across multiple municipalities and throughout different government departments? When it comes to digitization for government processes, for example, the government needed a collection of guidelines and best practices for digital transformation projects. Valtech was happy to help write just such a guide.

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Setting the Guidelines

the National Regulatory Control Council

How did we successfully go from digital consultants to writing the guidelines to be followed by an entire country’s government? The honest answer is there isn’t a lot of difference between our typical business transformation consulting and this.

As part of an accompanying study, project participants from the federal states and municipalities were initially asked about their experiences and needs. From this, the digitization experts at Valtech derived specific recommendations for action, which were incorporated into the creation of the guidelines. Valtech had already contributed to the development of a similar digital service manual for the British government and was able to draw on the expertise from countless transformation projects of many large corporations.

Delivering More Than a Report

It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to create guidelines for digitization projects within the public sector and only have it available on paper hardcopy. To meet this need, Valtech also designed the website serving as the digital service manual. The website is a very practice-oriented guide for the development of digital administrative services. This accompanying study provides the initial knowledge base for this. The website is designed to be more up-to-date, interactive and application-oriented through its structure, but it is not the focal point of this project.

The Service Manual is the Focus

The service manual is the key deliverable for this project. It’s not a law, but more of a legislative guideline or suggestion that carries the weight of the federal government behind it. Instead of simply presenting a collection of digitization best practices, the manual contains the results of our extensive research and experience, best practices, technological and ways of working guidelines to create a smooth process, and even real-life examples and case studies to pull direct learnings from. It’s a pragmatic and comprehensive guide to a successful digital transformation for any German government service.

Perspective image of tiled cover pages of the Blue Cover Page for thw the National Regulatory Control Council Service Manual


the National Regulatory Control Council

For some public sector cases, we can point directly to increases in the use of certain services and reductions in application processing time (as is the case with the Blue Badge Program in the UK). For this project, the result is that Germany now has a set of guidelines each municipality is encouraged to use when embarking on a digital transformation of any given service.  These guidelines are backed by proven experience and deep research and presented in both an easy to follow and interactive website as well as a straightforward document. With the combined knowledge of public and private sector needs, there’s very little that can’t be done to improve the lives of citizens.

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