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Escalating your Business with Content

October 09, 2018

Content done well can create value; content done poorly can destroy you. In a series of four blogposts, we hope to convince you to start putting content first, distribute it correctly, and share our aspirations for a future of relevant content only.

In today’s day and age, content has evolved dramatically. A rapidly increasing number of businesses are turning their digital marketing strategies upside down and inside out – putting content first. Good on you! And to the rest: prepare to follow, because the future is all about content! What to produce, how to produce and, not least, how to deliver relevant content at the right time to the right people.

Content is no longer a simple distribution of knowledge. Thanks to the internet, there is so much knowledge freely available that we are all drowning in it – putting new pressure on what you produce and how you distribute it.

When we’re faced with a sea of content, surrounding and forcing itself on us, we easily get overwhelmed. That’s why it’s no longer simply about distributing content. What you put out there needs to be relevant, fun, inspirational, emotive, engaging - and the list goes on. This needs your attention now! But, when you dare to care, how on earth do you deliver on it?

It’s not easy, but in this series of blogposts, we’ll give you our very best tips on how to provide the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

Why should you be concerned?

First things first – let’s just establish the immediate attention this subject needs. You are nothing without content! I am, you are, your website is, your ads are, and your business is content. And not only do you need your content to be put in front of the right audience, you need your content to be right for that specific audience if you want to have the slightest chance of engaging with them.

Everything in marketing is thrown away these days. People’s attention has changed from sitting down with a warm cup of coffee, reading long format copy in newspapers and magazines. They are not an audience anymore, but highly critical consumers on the move. And they’ve moved on to short paragraphs on sites like BuzzFeed. They are constantly on the move and need information fast - and none more so than millennials. Millennials consume content like no other humans alive. They operate 2-3 devices at a time, multi-tasking, processing, and sharing.

Because of this, their attention span is shorter than short. If you want their attention, you need to capture them in their split-second micro-moments. Live! If you don’t give them what they need, the second they need it, they move on. That’s the reason why content is key.

So, how do you live up to this?

Now to the 'How?'

We know it can seem overwhelming putting content at the very core of your strategies, because it is an entirely new way of thinking for most. That’s why we’ve tried to break it down in to a series of blogposts that will leave you with concrete tips for action now, as well as inspiration for future considerations.

The remaining three blogposts aim to please your every digital content-related questions:

Part 2/4 Putting Content First

How do you produce the right content?
Three of our passionate content consultants provide three rather simple steps to have a content-first mindset right from the start in your next digital project

Part 3/4 Relevant Distribution

You have the relevant content, but how do you best distribute it? Follow our guide and in a few steps, you’ll do right by your content and ensure a more relevant distribution inbound and outbound.

Part 4/4 The Future of Relevant Content

Combining both of the above with machine learning will enable you to tailor content based on data about what works. Freeing content projections of personas and turn to interests, making a better, more engaging experience than ever before. - And it’s all dynamic!

Meanwhile, If you you want to talk more about content production or strategy, never hesitate to reach out.


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