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Helping to Bring LNER’s Future into Focus

February 22, 2021

Valtech is excited to be working with London North Eastern Railway (LNER) on a project looking at what the future may hold for rail travel, a timely piece given the change in our lives right now due to COVID-19. As every person in almost the whole world has had their lives adjusted, it has opened up conversations for us all about how we work, travel and live. Now has never been a better time to look at the future with fresh eyes.

LNER has always been a pioneering brand. In the 1920’s and 30’s LNER employed top graphic designers, including William Barribal whose rail posters are considered design classics today. The Class A4 Steam Locomotive was seen as the Concorde of its day with their streamlined design giving them high speed capacity. The LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard holds the record as the fastest steam locomotive with a record speed of 126 miles per hour. To note just a couple of their forward-thinking achievements.

“We’re working with the Valtech to help us bring our future into focus. We know that innovating is vital to the evolution of our business - providing customers’ today, and of the future, the best possible mobility experience. But we recognise that we need new ways of working, to be the true pacesetter for innovation in travel, we need a clear digital and technology blueprint that brings to life our vision for the future.” Adrian Varma, Head of Digital Experience & Innovation, LNER.

LNER's goal is to lead the travel sector in innovation and want a digital blueprint for the business, to highlight key areas for focus, for both customers and their people. To be a guide to be used not just in digital, but across the whole business, to highlight challenges and problems statements across the customer journey and assist them in cocreating solutions with their people across the business, especially the frontline.

The blueprint brings to life their vision for the future, to be clear on where we all want to get to, and then build out plans internally, to get them there. A strategic framework to help unlock future opportunity for LNER from customers and their people.

“We chose Valtech for their track record supporting some of the leading organisations in digital transformance. As we have such an ambitious and wide-ranging digital innovation programme, we want a partner that will help challenge us to go further – and have a better understanding of converging technologies, so we can prioritise which platforms we invest in first. Giving us the ability to prioritise not just by scale or need, but by the maturity of technology and application. We have created a series of blueprints to illustrate our innovation work streams across the business. Across strategic areas of importance - Retail, Journey Information, the Onboard Experience, Mobility and Station of the Future.” Adrian Varma, Head of Digital Experience & Innovation, LNER.

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