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Inspiring A New Generation of Women in Tech

August 06, 2019

Inspiring A New Generation of Women in Tech: Meet Our tech_Girl Ambassadors

Approximately 17% of the tech industry are women. At Valtech, with our Transform by Doing mindset, this stat isn’t good enough. Diversity and inclusion are integral to our work engineering experiences for everyone. A strong focus on inclusion must be on creating environments in which current and future women can thrive, regardless of background.

We created tech_Girl many years ago as part of the important work to help reach school-aged girls, teaching them the basics of coding and empowering them through inspirational, relatable and local role models from our very own teams at Valtech.

In June 2021, we ran events remotely across 14 of our offices, ensuring that regardless of the effects of the pandemic, these future women in tech still had the opportunity to explore the tech world.

In October, we will be running another series of events across our offices, reaching even more girls! Each of our events is run by a local team of women who are passionate about being a difference in this space. In this way, our women not only Transform by Doing, they also Lead by Doing.

To help kick off our next tech_Girl month, we wanted to introduce four of our mentors: Alison, Vaishali, Eliana and Adriana. We sat down with each of them and asked about the impact of tech_Girl, what being a mentor means to them and what advice they’d give to future women in tech!

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Alison Crowley – People & Culture Director, U.K.

“For me, the real impact of tech_Girl is that the programme provides girls with active role models who can inspire and encourage them to pursue a career in the tech industries. The key word is active – these are women who are in the industry right now. 


When I was growing up, careers advice and awareness was limited to certain professions and there were expectations of careers that women pursued.  Being part of a programme like tech_Girl that helps facilitate young girls to be inspired by our amazing women in tech means a great deal.  If we start to open the door of possibility to any of the girls that take part, that is a huge motivator.” 

Vaishali Chandrakant Choudhari – Senior Technical Lead, India

“For me, the tech_Girl program is a platform that encourages, inspires, and promotes young girls to pursue programming and follow a career path in technology. It also provides an opportunity to interact with other tech mentors, which helps socializing, exchange ideas and expand our knowledge. It’s all about collaborating and coming together. 


Being a tech_Girl mentor makes me feel like a responsible person who has an opportunity to guide young girls in exploring technology as a career.  Leading by example, sharing my experiences, and inspiring them really motivates me. 


My advice to future women in tech would be that technology advancement is all about continuous learning from both success and failures. I advise young girls to have clear vision, set goals, and work towards achieving them. Technology has no gender; anyone can choose it as a career path. If I can do it, you can too. So, keep Learning continuously, Explore, Experiment, and Believe in yourself!” 

Girls working at a computer

Eliana Camacho – People & Culture Manager, Latin America

“tech_Girl is an opportunity for everyone who participates to expand our world and share ideas. Being a mentor makes me happy and proud because we can inspire and share experiences with young girls, and it is also an opportunity to learn from them—they are our future. 


My advice to all of our tech_Girls is follow your dreams and put the prejudices aside. Believe in yourself, your values and your knowledge. The world of technology is wonderful, and we can all be part of it!”

Adriana Shulman – Talent Acquisition Director, Toronto

Our tech_Girl programme shows these young girls all the possibilities for them to pursue further education and a career in the digital space. It creates a safe space for them to get curious and ask questions. 


The programme is very close to my heart, as a woman who grew up in a world that had limited female representation in tech. I feel so inspired to show up for these girls and show them our amazing women who have thriving careers in technology here at Valtech.   


My advice to all of our future tech women: Get curious and know that you have support from so many amazing organizations around the world. Technology is about curiosity, trying a solution, and learning from that in both success and failure.  


Continuous learning is part of the journey in the tech world, and it is okay not to have all the answers. Get excited and get curious! The future is female!” 

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The Future is (More) Women in Tech 

We are running tech_Girl events in October in Argentina, Mexico, Toronto, Chicago, London, Sweden, Ukraine, Copenhagen and France. In some of our regions, we’re partnering with local schools and in some regions we’re having open RSVPS. For our open events, if you’d like to sign up or think you know a tech_Girl who’d love to come along, you can sign up for the session that best suits you. 


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