The reality of being superwoman during a pandemic

Service Delivery Manager

March 08, 2021

Hi, let me introduce myself – Raj, my 2020 saw me made redundant in January, vacationing in February, grounded in March with my husband and 2 young princesses and starting with Valtech in April.

The many vacations, afternoon teas and celebrations planned all cancelled and replaced with vacations at home, afternoon tea in the garden and celebrations through windows. Not the 2020 we envisaged but the 2020 we got, I never thought celebrating baby showers via a zoom call would be a ‘thing’ – but hey COVID has forced us to visualise so many new possibilities.

My husband got a new job in October 2020, one that saw him having to go into an office so I work full time, home-school and play house, oh and we decided now is a good time to move house – a renovation project, a whole new area and new schools. Writing that down reminds me how mad we are – and has me reaching for a glass of wine (1st of the day and its after 5pm as I type this).

Throughout this craziness Valtech have been amazing, my colleagues so understanding when frozen is playing in the background for the 45th time that week or when a small head pops into the frame on a teams call to ask for a snack. I have never met anyone in Valtech / suppliers / customers in person, all interaction has been over email and video calls. My fondest memory to date being my smallest projectile vomiting behind me as I started chairing a session, the understanding from all on the call was amazing, the smell not so much.

But would I change this time– no, the experience has allowed me to create some amazing family memories and to realise I am superwoman – in my husband and kids eyes anyway!

As lockdown starts to ease I am filled with excitement of what 2021 holds, though we are able to work remotely I can’t wait to go into an office and start visiting friends and family again. I’ve planned days out and activities but with a new outlook – to create memories and enjoy the time with loved ones. Thank you COVID for you have helped me cherish all that I have been blessed with and to not take advantage of those around me; life is truly short.

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