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Unlocking new business value through AI

AI will touch every industry

A Brave New World

Generative AI is progressing at an unprecedented pace and business leaders are continuing to wrestle with its potential value and associated risks and opportunities. In a recent Yale study 58% of CEO’s were optimistic about the potential that AI has to offer and this is where we see the value of AI as a tool to create faster evolutions of products, experiences and new revenue opportunities for companies.

The AI Opportunity

We offer a range of dedicated and scalable AI services that can unlock real business benefit for companies across all industries. From consulting services and assessments of your existing Data and AI capabilities, to demystifying the complexities of technologies, to designing and engineering new experiences. We are here to help you leverage the potential of AI.

Our AI Advisory Service

Our AI Advisory service (AI Studios) acts as a compass in the complex landscape of artificial intelligence and is designed to guide business leaders on the potential value of AI to their business, through predefined experiments, workshops, prototypes and 'Labs’ based activities.

The AI Risk Framework

Our comprehensive AI Risk Framework guides our decision-making and our AI Task Force evaluates the use of AI for businesses. This approach ensures we can harness AI's benefits while maintaining stringent controls to manage any associated risks and compliance challenges for our clients.

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Understanding your current Data & AI landscape

We analyze your existing technological infrastructure, processes, and skill sets. From there, we collaboratively chart a roadmap to realize your AI vision, identifying opportunities where generative AI can bring transformative changes, boost efficiencies, or open up new avenues for growth.

Guidance on applicability of technology

Once we have identified areas of focus, we deploy quick-start bundles of preconfigured lab experiments including: Content generation (video, copy & images), design mock-ups and AI generated prototypes, dashboards and analytics, predictive models, localization & translation automation, brand personality and effectiveness studios using AI and brand identification.

Demystifying the technical complexities

Helping you to understand the implications of AI deployments, such as data privacy, ethical use, and compliance with regulations. We facilitate the necessary upskilling of your teams for seamless adoption and management of AI applications.

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