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Organize, execute, and realize key transformative stages in going Direct-to-Consumer, faster.


Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are going through a groundbreaking transformation in response to demand from digital-savvy consumers, whose attention has shifted toward preferring direct interaction, convenience, and online shopping.

By engaging customers directly, CPG companies control their brand, capture customer data, and own the customer relationship. However, this direct-to-consumer transformation can seem like a mountain to climb. 

By leveraging the Digital Commerce Launchpad, CPG companies can: 

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A faster time to the first transaction

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Proven commerce delivery 

Valtech's pre-defined roadmap launches your direct-to-consumer pilot in a matter of weeks. This approach accelerates your business and realizes value, collects data, and achieves growth fast. Valtech's experience and process provide a high-impact eCommerce experience to launch your direct-to-consumer transformation. 


Customer-centric approach 

Valtech places the customer at the center of your business, market personalization, and technology. This philosophy balances the business viability, the customer's needs, and achievable digital success creating a genuine customer-at-the-center approach.    


A 360-degree eCommerce solution 

In tight collaboration with Amazon and VTEX, Valtech offers a complete digital commerce solution. By combining Valtech's Forrester-ranked commerce experience, VTEX's Gartner-ranked digital commerce platform, and Amazon's market-leading global operational and logistics, you get a complete storefront-to-fulfillment commerce solution fast with a lower barrier of entry. 


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An engaging experience backed by data

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Deepen your customer relationship 

By combining a modern digital experience and an intuitive storefront with your first-part data, Valtech helps you establish stronger bonds between your brand and your customers. Our proven approach provides the foundation for a deeply engaging digital presence. 

We are rooted in best practices  

Valtech's strong roots in industry best practices accelerate your time to the first transaction. These strong roots allow us to deliver a high-performing shopping experience without re-inventing the wheel. The result is a strong foundation for your digital transformation. 


Solutions backed by data

Valtech uses data to unlock insights into your customers, enabling you to improve, evolve, and optimize the digital experience. In addition, we meet the strict compliance requirements on capturing first-party data. 


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Always available commerce of the future

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Unlocking the value of MACH 

Valtech's solution follows MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) principles. As a founding member of the MACH Alliance, we understand the business benefits of using a composable architecture.


A "best for you" solution 

At Valtech, we combine a best-of-breed approach with a best-for-you approach. Our experience in digital transformation with a deep understanding of your needs builds a transformation foundation that matures and evolves with your business. 


A scalable solution born in the cloud 

Valtech's collaboration with VTEX and Amazon brings to market a highly available, scalable commerce solution. VTEX's headless, cloud-native commerce platform allows you to scale to meet customer demand and scale your customer touchpoints. Amazon's web services and logistics enable you to scale your operations and fulfillment as your business grows. The result is a complete end-to-end commerce solution with a fast implementation and low barrier of entry.

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