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Digitally enabling communities 

We have always said that we want our work to improve human lives and make our clients' businesses grow. Rarely is this objective more obvious than in the delivery of digital solutions that support all members of our society, globally. In the UK we enable Government departments to meet the Digital Service Standard and are actively involved in its continued improvement. Wherever we work in the world, we are particularly proud of our projects that help the vulnerable in our society and support some of the most deserving communities.



Improving the DfT’s Blue Badge scheme

Insights and learnings from our work with DfT transforming the Blue Badge Digital Service into an award-winning user-centric service and investing in ongoing improvement to deliver continued improvements in response to user needs.

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OZEV Open Electric Vehicle Chargepoint

Insights and learnings from our work with OZEV exploring how improved chargepoint data would support an improved user experience and drive the journey to net zero.

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How can we accelerate public sector data innovation?

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Experience the highlights from an event we ran last year bringing together an award-winning author and campaigner Caroline Criado Perez with a cross-government panel to explore the issue of data bias and the practical steps we can take to address it.


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