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Vanja Lagercrantz Videau

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Valtech Store - a smart online experimental store!

In our first blog post about the Valtech Store, we told you why we decided to convert a meeting room at our Stockholm offices into a store. Now it’s time to present the results of several months of hard work, a concept that touches on two fields we’re passionate about. First, how to create richer customer experiences using digital tools. Next, how we can set up data collection in the physical space.

December 05, 2016

Why we built Valtech Store in Sweden

At Valtech Day on 29 September of this year, we opened our smart, online experimental store to the public. No, that doesn’t mean we changed industry and started selling gadgets. Don’t worry, Valtech is still Valtech, a team of digital explorers that pioneers new solutions in collaboration with its customers everyday. We should probably start at the beginning and explain why we built the Valtech Store at our office in Stockholm.

November 21, 2016

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