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Transport data is an important catalyst to help industry and government drive better outcomes for society. For example, data from connected cars and highways infrastructure.

In this webinar, co-hosted by DfT and Valtech, we shared ideas on how current and forthcoming Industry initiatives/innovations could generate valuable data and where Government could help industry innovation by making data available.


Denny Pezic (03:00)

Global Industry Lead for Automotive & Mobility, Valtech

Today’s connected car: Overview of the sensors and systems in modern vehicles, the data they can produce and what sort of useful information they could detect.

Sarah Al-Adely (10:50)

Head of Data Management, DfT

Evolution of national data platforms and standards: Overview of the DfT’s current work around improving the transport data landscape

John Spanton (19:55)

Client Partner for UK Government, Valtech.

Data Sharing: What does good look like for Government, manufacturers, customers, and society? What is the balance between social responsibility of sharing data vs. the commercialisation of data?

Peter Ivanov (25:54)

Managing Director, Global Mobility Service Line, Valtech

Demonstration of traffic light integration: Demonstration of a data-driven service, traffic light integration, and its implication on sustainability, safety and more.

About Valtech

Valtech are a global digital agency focused on business transformation. We bring experience working with UK Government (for example, transformation of the Blue Badge Digital Service) and automotive experience with our Mobility Global Service Line. Valtech provide a full spectrum of connected car platforms and services in V2X, Swarm, Telematics, Navigation, and Infotainment areas.

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