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Common for most digital business leaders is that current market conditions are different from those we all operated in, just a few months ago. This change has happened fast, and most digital organizations have, to some extent, been caught by surprise. While many online and omnichannel players benefitted from lockdown, they are now experiencing the lowest growth rates seen for many years. To help leaders navigate the uncertain market situation, we will share strategies and areas of focus to protect your revenue, profit, and growth during conditions of crisis and uncertainty.

The point is not to stop you from being aggressive, and spending more could be a good business case in some situations. However, what is crucial is that you assess your own situation before acting. At this event, you will not only get insights on how to address the current situation but also the tools you need to navigate it. And where to focus your efforts to unlock value.

This event is for C-level and decision-makers within marketing, business development, and overall business strategy. 

Hands-on inspiration on how to:

  • Identify critical business drives
  • Set the right strategic focus
  • Execute efficiently to create long and short-term sustainable impact

Join this event to get, not just talk, but also specific steps and possible solutions.


09:30 - Presentation: Change in market conditions – global / local focus and how to navigate as a Digital Leader

  • Identify critical business drivers
  • Set the right strategic focus
  • Execute efficiently to create long and short-term sustainable impact

10:00 - Presentation: Cases creating impact in current market conditions

  • Case 1: Wavin: The connected data foundation and strategic KPI framework to drive focus & execute efficiently
  • Case 2: Coop: Revisiting Ways of Working Internally

10:25 - Wrap up with questions and discussion


At this event, you will meet:

Per Rasmussen 1-1.jpg Carsten_Pingel_eCapacity_Strategy_Director-1-292x292.jpg Thomas Østergaard 1-1.jpeg
Per Rasmussen

Managing Director

Carsten Pingel

VP Strategy

Thomas Østergaard Christensen



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