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Event Date: June 09, 2020
09:00AM - 10:00AM GMT
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How can you make sure that the leads you’re capturing, are the right ones for your business? And, how can you make sure that you’re pointing your sales teams in the direction that’s going to increase conversion? How can you tell who’s really engaged in what you’re saying and who’s just scanning aimlessly? How can you tell who’s ready to talk (and therefore needs a call from sales), and who is sitting on the fence and needs a little more nurturing?

In our latest webinar with Valtech, Marketo and Adobe, we talk about how to make sure the leads travelling down the funnel are the ones that sales need. From lead scoring examples to walk-through demos, we show you how to cut through the noise, and get results.



Or if you’ve only got a couple of minutes, here are 3 tips to help you achieve lead enlightenment:

1. Get aligned

No ifs, no buts. It’s essential that sales and marketing work together in total harmony and with regular check-ins to make sure it’s a finely tuned operation. Marketing needs to know what sales want and sales need to know what marketing are up to. If marketing aren’t sending the right leads to the sales team, there’s something amiss. Review and optimise regularly.

2. Score your leads

This is the quickest way to see who’s really engaged based on their activities and who’s not quite ready for the call yet. Use lead scoring to rank the validity, engagement and priority of your leads. Marketo is an amazing tool that can allow you to set triggers, filters and capture ‘interesting moments’, all allowing you to make the most of your data and fine tune your scoring models to get the best results.

3. Refine and Optimise

This is a living entity that will develop over time and you need to constantly review and recallibrate. Use the feedback loop between sales + marketing to be clear on what is and isn’t working from a lead generation perspective, and why. Once you’ve got that insight you’ll be much better positioned act on the increased relevancy of your leads and guide them confidently through the funnel.

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