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MACHathon 2021

Day 3: How our teams are hacking on

January 26, 2021

Right after hitting the ground running yesterday, our teams, Social Local and Giraffe, have been making great progress and are already working on fully visualized prototypes. Have a look:

Team Giraffe, after coming up with an already stunning looking visual design for their prototype, agreed on the fundamental features that everyone wants to see implemented by the end.

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They want to focus on one specific flow that they call “Tutorial/Breakout Session Feature”. The idea is, as we hinted at in our last posting, to extract digital content from the curriculum and make it available for discussions, further questions and commenting in external tools via APIs.

Also, for the next day, the team agreed to focus on creating CMS components based on their design as well as providing a system for personalization for students and teachers alike.


Team Social Local worked on getting a better view of the application they want to create. A fully clickable model of the core screens of the future application helped a lot in defining the parts the team really wants to fully flesh out by the end of the MACHathon.

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A lot of progress has also been made in terms of architecture. The team has been working on a way the different MACH application will be connected to provide the front end with data.


We are really in awe about the swift progress and the already well-thought-out ideas our teams were able to produce. We can’t wait to see how they are refining their concepts. Follow our channels to see where this is going.


View the Kick-off of the first ever MACHathon by Pascal Lagarde, MACH Alliance Executive Board Member, and Roberto Carrera, MACH Alliance Technology Council Member.

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