The New Valtech Unveils and its Renewed Brand Identity

February 03, 2012

Valtech issues its new corporate website, with a new brand identity, and a new logo.

The new website and the new identity confirm the strong effort that has been made for 2 years in repositioning Valtech on the digital market. It is a milestone in the communication strategy towards clients, prospects and recruiting target. This new website acknowledges the strong commercial performance of the Group, and its sharp growth in all geographies over 2011.

This new website and visual identity is an important element in the strategic plan and illustrates the current reposition of Valtech as a key player in the digital marketing space. This is a milestone in the integration of all Valtech cultures under one unified brand. This will allow the Valtech group to move forward in its rapid development,” says Sebastian Lombardo, Valtech CEO.

The new is a complete redesign of the previous website. Built on a simple and sober look, it is a showcase of Valtech competencies, work and people. It displays some of the latest and most innovative work Valtech is doing for its clients. But is also gives visibility on the Valtech people involved in creating and building every day to make projects presents Valtech capacities in four main areas: digital marketing, customer experience, enterprise technology and agile transformation.

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