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Valtech expands operations in India with the introduction of Valtech Mobility

July 21, 2023

The decision to bring Valtech Mobility into the fold aligns with the company's global expansion strategy, underscoring its commitment to growth and establishing a strong presence in diverse markets

July 21, 2023, Pune, India: Valtech, a global business transformation agency, today announced the expansion of its operations in India by introducing Valtech Mobility, a leading provider of mobility and automotive solutions.

Poised to drive innovation in connected car technologies, Valtech's Automotive Mobility Center of Excellence (CoE) in Pune, India will bring expertise in connected vehicles, shared mobility, electrification, and data monetization to the regional and global customers. It will assist automotive companies in navigating the ever-evolving mobility landscape, delivering mobility solutions and services to some of the world's best automotive brands.


Peter Ivanov, Managing Director, Strategic Business Unit – Valtech Mobility, said: "Valtech Mobility CoE in Pune is dedicated to delivering seamless solutions that bridge the experience gap between customer expectations and the current reality. Our ability to offer a true 360° experience, both in-car and out-of-car, gives us a unique position in the market. While we have industry-renowned experience within mobility, we can also tap into and bring together experiences from other sectors, such as retail and luxury. This makes us the ideal bridge between our mobility clients, technology partners, and big tech."


Andreas Peters, Managing Director of Valtech Mobility, added: "Valtech Mobility aims to support automotive market growth in India and drive innovation in mobility through our global network and supplier collaborations. India plays a crucial role in Valtech's global expansion in the automotive and mobility sector. Backed by our unmatched connected car experience covering over 30 million cars worldwide, our goal is to assist automakers of the world as they offer superior experiences to millions of drivers. Our investment in India demonstrates our commitment to the local market to deliver top-notch solutions for our automotive and mobility customers. Together, we’ll redefine the future of mobility in India."


Shiv Kumar, Managing Director of Valtech India, commented: "Valtech's success in India, with established offices in Gurugram and Bengaluru, now extends to Pune with Valtech Mobility. Leveraging Pune's automotive hub, we aim to scale our team with 300 engineers in the next 2-3 years. We’ll continue to foster close collaborations with our clients as we drive innovation right from the design and development phase."

To learn more about Valtech Mobility’s services, visit the website here.



About Valtech Mobility:

Valtech Mobility is a joint venture between Valtech Group and VW Group, focused on business transformation powered by digital innovation. As a global company, Valtech Mobility combines experience design, business consulting, technology engineering, and marketing execution to deliver innovative solutions for the automotive and mobility industry. With a robust global network and expertise in connected vehicles, shared mobility, electrification, and data monetization, Valtech Mobility is at the forefront of shaping the future of mobility. Valtech Mobility's joint venture with the Volkswagen Group has positioned the company as a prominent player in the connected car space. Through their combined efforts, Valtech Mobility is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of cutting-edge solutions that enhance the overall mobility experience for customers worldwide. Valtech Mobility works with the world's leading automotive brands, such as Toyota, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Ford, Bentley, Polaris, Porsche, and Lamborghini.


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