Introducing an interactive experience to raise awareness about digital sustainability

May 17, 2023

Valtech is proud to announce the launch of its interactive experience at C2 Montréal designed to raise awareness among attendees about digital sustainability and help them take informed action for a more sustainable future.

Digital sustainability is about taking action to reduce the environmental impacts of digital technologies. As a practice it aims to make digital products and services more energy efficient via sustainable design and development practices, as well as ethical approaches to data collection and usage. 

Valtech’s onsite, interactive experience at C2 Montréal starting on 24th May 2023, will enable organizations and individuals to measure the carbon footprint of their websites and receive practical solutions to minimize their CO2 emissions. It will provide concrete examples to help participants better understand digital sustainability and effectively reduce their carbon footprint. 

One of Valtech's main objectives is to draw attention to the significant contribution digital technology makes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

"We are all part of the solution to decarbonize the planet," said Damien Lefebvre, Executive Vice President of North America at Valtech. “We can and must significantly reduce the energy consumption of digital assets. Our ambition at C2 Montréal is to raise awareness among all stakeholders operating in the digital space, as well as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) officers at companies across industries." 

Valtech currently conducts digital carbon audits for interested clients. Those audits include industry-leading recommendations to improve site performance, increase customer loyalty, and reduce hosting costs, electricity consumption and carbon footprints. 

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