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Valtech Presented with Performance Award from Commercetools

November 13, 2018

Valtech received the Performance Award during commercetools’ Global Partner Day. The award acknowledges the successes of the strategic partnership between the two companies over the past year.

“Valtech has proven that passion and commitment constitute the foundation for successful e-business,” commercetools Head of Partner Management Dirk Weckerlei said. “Over the last year, Valtech has delivered four commercetools projects across several regions. For its global rollout and ability to deliver several projects in parallel, we are very proud to present Valtech with the Performance Award 2018.”

This partnership highlights the value of headless commerce, which is a form of architecture that allows retailers to take advantage of new consumer end-points, like voice assistants or in-car displays.

“Many of our clients are riding the second wave of digital transformation, where they are looking for new business models and touchpoints to strengthen the relationship with their customers,” said Pascal Lagarde, Valtech’s Director of Commerce. “Together with commercetools, Valtech is able to provide these clients with the highly flexible digital commerce platform they need to grow their business and provide their clients a seamless commerce experience across locations and devices.”

“When digital commerce becomes core business for our clients, we see that complexity explodes with more and more touchpoints. Shortening time-to-market via touchpoints, creating a truly omni-channel experience for customers across all touchpoints, allows more experiments with new service and product offerings while reducing the cost of ownership for our clients.” said Auke van Urk, Valtech’s global CTO.

“With more and more companies making their commerce platform the core of their online presence, we see many of our clients looking for API-first solutions” Lagarde added. “Commercetools fits perfectly in such a scenario with their highly scalable, headless offering.”

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