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Valtech Unveils Readiness Assessment to Develop Salesforce Composable Commerce Architectures

August 30, 2022

New Valtech Readiness Assessment is the first solution that helps brands assess the business opportunities and implement the new Salesforce Composable Storefront.


Valtech releases the Salesforce Composable Storefront Readiness Assessment, a 30-aspect evaluation, which empowers existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers to make an informed decision on how best to take advantage of this new realm of possibilities.

The Valtech Readiness Assessment is a first-to-market offering, building on Valtech’s leading expertise and services within composable commerce. The Readiness Assessment offering enables clients and brands to maneuver quickly while avoiding the consequences of rash decisions. In line with the agency’s dedication to transform by doing, it helps brands assess the business value of Salesforce’s Composable Storefront, while also providing the abilities to implement it.

With the new launch of Composable Storefront the question is not if brands should go composable but when they should take their first steps into a more composable architecture. The unique approach Salesforce offers is that companies can grow incrementally into composable storefronts at their own pace instead of replatforming all at once. This assessment guides brands towards a more educated decision on whether and when they are ready for their first steps, and what approach would bring the biggest value in a the most cost-effective way.

“We are committed to helping our customers evaluate and align their business strategies to their digital investments, building future-proof modern composable and flexible solutions,” said Nick Botter, VP Strategy & Innovation, Valtech. “As commerce organizations find agility in headless architectures, it enables their ability to innovate to keep up with evolving expectations for customer experience while also improving the bottom line. As a leading market player in Commerce with 17 years of experience implementing Salesforce solutions, we are dedicated to help our clients by building a strong foundation of both business and technical requirements, to get the most out of the existing vendor offerings and reduce operational silos to drive efficiency.”

Key features of the Valtech Readiness Assessment include:

  • Assess the key benefits and considerations for customer-specific situations.
  • Create a roadmap with phased approach for a migration plan to Salesforce Composable Storefront.
  • Conduct impact analysis and business case.

Customers get a compact report, validating 30 aspects of their current setup and a proposal for a best practice approach and roadmap to start on their composable journey.

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