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2021 Mobility Trends


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So much more than a car...

Peter gives us a glimpse into the past, present and future of automobiles. Back in the days a vehicle would remain the same state as you bought it in. Today, a car has more software in it than a spaceship, and it is expected that the value of software will increase to about 30% of the vehicle's value. Peter thus argues that the digitalisation of the vehicle has become just as important as the driving experience.

Get insights on what you can and should expect from the future of mobility.

"A modern car has about 100.000.000 lines of code in it. The Curiosity Rover which was sent to Mars in 2012 had 5.000.000 lines of code aboard, a Boeing Dreamliner about 50.000.000."

Peter Ivanov
Valtech Mobility

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