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Understanding the friction

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Title: Understanding the Friction

Theme: Connected Experiences 

Guests: Jeremy Duimstra, SVP Connected Experiences & Co-Director Valtech Future Studio 

The consumer mindset has changed, yet we intuitively know that consumers have a desire to get back to something that feels normal. That’s why in this series of episodes, we’re looking at The Future Buying Journey.

In this episode we talk to Jeremy Duimstra about identifying the real pleasure in retail, finding out whether consumers are really ready for all of these innovations (and if so, how can we secure adoption rates!?), what we mean by a dynamic store and, we ask whether brands should be innovators or 'watch and see-ers' to avoid those expensive mistakes. Conversations with Jeremy will always leave you wanting to know more, and this is no exception. Enjoy!

Jeremy Duimstra
Connected Experiences

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