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Navigating ecommerce as a B2B manufacturer is hard, but we’re here to break through siloed departments and complex sales channels to make it much easier.


At the intersection of market growth and customer expectation

With the explosive growth of digital commerce and ever-changing customer expectations, the race to capture and keep their attention has never been more competitive in the B2B market. Nowadays, customers are expecting – and demanding – digital platforms. They’re looking for customer portals with a personalized and contextualized experience while conducting business—from buying spare parts through ecommerce to finding documents, training materials, information on machine performance, available optimizations and more.


The key: Experience innovation with customer portals

As part of this, customers are expecting the seamlessness they receive in a B2C environment to be translated to their B2B interactions. However, the B2B environment is significantly more complex. Many companies have buy-and-build strategies, which means there are multiple brands and numerous ERPs dispersed throughout the organization. It’s not one platform and one transaction like B2C, it’s hundreds of touchpoints supported by digital.

As B2B manufacturing continues to change and digital becomes crucial to the business, partnering with an expert like Valtech can help you navigate those changes successfully. We empower companies to leap ahead of the competition and create a better way for their customers to experience the world of B2B manufacturing.

Success stories

Atlas Copco: A case for digital transformation in manufacturing

Valtech was challenged to replace Atlas Copco’s outdated order portal with a worldwide future-proof manufacturing ecommerce platform. Thus, offering a unified customer experience and increasing the efficiency of the internal organization. The vision was to “provide an easy –to- use and efficient digital business platform, to become a digital leader in B2B.” In partnership with Valtech, Atlas Copco launched this new and improved platform and, as a result, was able to drive further innovation and revenue-generating initiatives.

Customer first: A shift in focus with Vanderlande

The organizational change that needs to come to manufacturing is a shift from a product-centered approach to a client-first approach. Companies should focus less on how best to sell their products and more on what their customers need and expect from them. Vanderlande, in partnership with Valtech, is leading the way in that transition with a major update to the brand’s ecommerce portal that resulted in a new focus for the company and an increase in conversions.

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