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Salesforce is a world-class digital commerce platform powering over 2,000 web stores of global brands and enterprise-level retailers across many verticals. Their Commerce Cloud delivers intelligent experience with the Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform and its predictive intelligence tools. This is Unified Commerce at its best: a digital platform combined with the Commerce Cloud Store, OMS, POS and other retailer tools. Salesforce's #1 CRM, Marketing and other Salesforce clouds are now one with the Commerce Cloud delivering truly end-to-end commerce enterprise tools.

As Silver Salesforce Consulting Partners and competent Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrator, we bring you the platform’s robust capabilities that empower the business and enable peace of mind.

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Why Clients Select Us

Why retail & consumer goods clients trust us

We know digital and physical are two sides of the same coin

For that same reason, we not only deliver digital-only experiences, but also in-store connected experiences, whether for mass-market retail, concept stores or as proof-of-concepts to gain experience.

We work across all segments of retail

We have deep appreciation of the nuances between mass-market retail, specialty-retail, consumer goods, luxury, etc. And we can also guide our clients towards opportunities for idea cross-pollination.

We know how to utilize technology to drive revenue

Every executive team is under pressure to do more with—get more from—technology investments. From clienteling solutions and POS solutions, to omni-commerce, mobile and loyalty programs, Valtech’s retail team has the experience to show you how to leverage technology platforms to drive end-to-end ROI.

We understand the power—and the challenge—of a physical store

As more of the world moves to digital, physical stores and traditional channels struggle to find their role in the new marketplace. Yet, some retailers are doubling down on the physical store footprint and are being rewarded with huge lineups and strong sales. Our team has been responsible for some of the biggest, boldest, concept and experience stores across the globe.

We are Valtech, a global digital agency focused on digital transformation. We combine experience design, technology development, marketing crafts and strategy in all stages of the business lifecycle with unique services that outcompete others in quality, speed and value. Our model that leverages our global intelligence to tackle challenges of today and tomorrow. We realise Transformation by doing.

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