Navigating an Omnichannel Automotive Aftermarket

With customer behavior forever changed by Covid, the Automotive industry sees a renewed focus on automotive aftermarket services and new opportunities for automotive digital marketing. But what are some of the trends we see determining the future of the automotive aftermarket, and how can our automotive aftermarket consulting services help your brand?

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The automotive industry is experiencing a shift. More people buying used instead of new cars, and more people electing to keep older cars rather than trade them in means the automotive aftermarket is growing. Being prepared to meet those changes means opening the door to new omnichannel and commerce avenues within the aftermarket space.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at the trends helping to shape the future of automotive aftermarket services, explore the benefits and challenges of attempting to take ownership of your brands' aftermarket presence, look into what automotive aftermarket consulting services entail, and look at first-hand accounts of how major automotive brands have expanded their omnichannel offerings to include aftermarket.