Business Transformation Report by Raconteur

Valtech & commercetools' feature on page 7 illustrates the transformative power of composable technology in driving growth for multi-brand companies.

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In a rapidly evolving global digital landscape, multi-brand organizations need to stay relevant and competitive. Composable technology allows for flexibility, scalability and personalized consumer experiences, making it one of the most effective solutions to address brands' modern challenges.

Embrace Consumer Relationships for a Competitive Advantage 

Moving from transaction-focused approaches to relationship-building, holistic composable solutions emphasize the need to break free from traditional siloes and adopt a nimbler mindset. A more flexible and developed tech stack is an important factor in a company’s growth. However, the secret to becoming a digital enterprise is by prioritizing consumer experiences. Consumers today expect tailored, convenient and relatable experiences. These are the factors that ensure they stay engaged with brands, creating strong relationships with the consumer and fostering brand loyalty.   

Leverage Composable and Become a Digital Enterprise 

By leveraging composable commerce and technology, multi-brand companies can quickly adapt to market trends, brand-specific requirements and customer needs, while preserving each brand’s unique differentiators. Adopting composable architectures also allows brands to reduce duplicated efforts, simplify expansion and deliver superior customer experiences. 

The success story of Mars showcases how composable commerce enables multi-brand enterprises to achieve flexibility, innovation and enhanced customer engagement. Embracing composable technology empowers businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape by prioritizing customer-centricity and adaptability. 

Diving deeper into the whitepaper’s topic of “Business Transformation” by Raconteur, Valtech and commercetools' feature on page 7 illustrates the transformative power of composable technology in driving growth, innovation and long-term success.


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