Customer Experience vs Rising Operational Cost

Gartner and Valtech combine to bring new insights to B2B

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As customer expectations evolve, what qualifies as good customer service changes. Knowing how to edit your customer experience strategy to keep up with evolving customer expectations is difficult for all industries but can be particularly foreign within Manufacturing and B2B companies for whom this kind of thinking isn’t as automatic. In this report created in collaboration with Gartner, we explore the reasons leaders within Manufacturing are choosing digital transformation today and to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Data-Led Digital Transformation Strategy 

At Valtech, we believe in the power of using data to help guide decisions. This extends beyond using customer data to determine marketing and product development to using data aggregated from peers to help guide business decisions. That’s why we talked to 100 leaders in Manufacturing about topics ranging from their own organizational maturity to the factors driving their own digital transformation strategies.  

By reviewing the data collected in this short report, you’ll be able to benchmark your own company’s organizational maturity, see the changes driving digital transformation amongst your peers, and learn about some of the blockers other companies face to implementing successful transformations.  

Data Analytics Transforming the Total Customer Experience 

The total customer journey is being reimagined, and while many manufacturers took the steps needed to enter the digital space already, it’s time for B2B companies to level up. Particularly when we see disparity between the maturity levels of different companies depending on the types of products they manufacture. This means it’s time for companies in the industry to rethink their data analytics, and to ensure the data they collect is being used in decision making. 69% of Manufacturers admit to having a Martech Stack that features siloed data and 55% admit they aren’t using their Martech tools to their full potential. These are the markers of digital maturity, and it’s these steps into maturity we’re eager to help Manufacturers everywhere take.