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Powerful Data Visualization Experience on the Impact of Tax Reform



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Sweeping new tax reform legislation coupled with the elimination of the 1040 EZ/A tax forms will force changes to virtually every single American tax payer. Research has shown that tax reform is not top of mind, and it's unclear to most individuals how it may impact them personally, which can cause fear, uncertainty, and doubt when tax time comes around.

Intuit graphic showing a range of tax options


Develop an integrated tax reform strategy that demonstrates tax category leadership and builds confidence that TurboTax is the leading expert in tax prep and has them covered, no matter their situation.


We created a powerful data visualization online experience that clearly communicates the impact of tax reform across various scenarios, so that TurboTax customers can understand how tax reform personally impacts their life.

Visualization of the tax calculator interface



A useful newsworthy web experience for media to share and inform taxpayers leading up to tax season.

Staying true to the TurboTax brand, it was important to pepper the entire experience with ownable, delightful microinteractions.

Matthew Morey, Senior Vice President of Technology, Valtech

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