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Get to Know Sage


Founded in 1981 in Newcastle to develop estimating and accounting software for small businesses, Sage is a FTSE 100 company and the market leader in integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems. Today, over 11,000 employees now support millions of entrepreneurs across more than 20 countries as they power the global economy.

Sage group is the UK's second largest technology company, third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software, and has 6.1 million customers worldwide. And when they wanted to update their digital offering to create a more unified experience for customers across touchpoints, they turned to Valtech for help. 

A Seamless Multi-platform Experience


Sage wanted to transform the online experience for their customers. Their aim was to create a seamless experience of the Sage brand across all devices and products, making it easier for customers to select the solution they needed. They also wanted to appeal to new customers and to strengthen their leading market share in a time of disruptive new competitors.

Sage wanted to transform their business to a new, more agile way of working, to help them deal with the fast-paced digital world and ever-increasing customer expectations.

From Multi-disciplinary Teams to a Re-imagined Customer Experience


They needed a partner to help them move towards their goal of total digital engagement with their customers, as well as working on the business transformation required. Sage chose to partner with Valtech to help guide them along this journey and to achieve their vision.

Using multi-disciplinary design and development teams, we created a clear, seamless and completely re-imagined customer experience. By building a Sitecore-based global platform we have enabled the globally dispersed Sage marketing teams to test and iterate as they go, incorporating user feedback using the Lean UX approach. We have also helped the teams start to move towards a data-driven approach employing A/B testing to inform new design options.

Co-designing with users and SMEs, we worked to understand each stage of the customer journey and identified customers’ pain points and difficulties. In doing so, we have delivered an intuitive, clear and consistent experience that meets genuine user needs.

Hard Work Pays Off


Together, we have improved the look and feel of the website and have made it much easier for customers to understand and navigate to the most relevant products. In fact, we have seen an increase of 150% in page views on the Sage One product and a 100% increase in time on page on the new website compared to the legacy website. So far, there has been a 33% increase in sessions over the legacy site for a comparable period. This, in turn, has started to increase conversion rates and is enabling Sage to acquire new customers.

We have also up-skilled Sage’s people, bringing a fresh approach and new ways of working for the digital era. We are excited to see how these hugely encouraging results develop over time and how they will start to have a positive impact on Sage’s bottom line.

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