From underground and in between walls to visible player with growing digital interaction

From underground and in between walls to visible player with growing digital interaction



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Meet Wavin

Advancing life in the world

Wavin is a global player in the field of innovative solutions for construction and infrastructure. They want to advance life in the world with their mission, namely the realization of climate-resilient cities, as a driving force. To make that work visible, Wavin is investing in their digital presence. A transformation that gained momentum when Wavin involved Valtech in the process.


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A stable marketing foundation

Smart use of global resources and local expertise

Until recently, the roll-out of campaign concepts within Wavin was very different. These were centrally designed, but decentralised. In other words, each country had its own version. Such an approach is detrimental for the following reasons:

  • Uniform data is missing, so no comparison is possible between campaigns or countries;
  • Local learnings are limited for international colleagues. As a result, many potential improvements remain untapped.
  • You are reinventing the wheel every time instead of using existing tools and a consistent working method.

Time to change course and embrace Campaign Activation Packages. A strategic framework based on the building blocks of reusability, uniformity and scalability. From unified data and ad tagging to reusable artifacts like Miro boards and KPI documents, with this new framework, every campaign meets Wavin's quality standards.

Thanks to this new way of working, Wavin was able to achieve three major European product launches in six months. Development of concept and strategy is still central and the markets continue to run their local campaigns. By making smart use of both global resources and local expertise, Wavin is moving closer to its goal of improving interaction with new and existing customers.


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Increasing conversion

Commerce around the world

Ultimately, a stable marketing foundation is essential in enabling commerce. Where marketing focuses on reaching the customer in the right way, a user-friendly commerce environment ensures the actual conversion. In various phases we work together with Wavin towards a global roll-out, with the absolute kickstarter being a proof of concept for the Faceshield webshop.

Wavin Faceshield

When the coronavirus entered, wavin's versatility and scope became really visible. Wavin saw an opportunity to support companies that practice contact professions. The plastic that Wavin normally uses for pipes is also extremely suitable for making protective face masks. After a proof of concept to convince Wavin of the possibilities in the field of commerce, a team consisting of colleagues from Wavin, commerce tools and Valtech, built a new campaign site for these face masks.

A site that saw the light of day in just three weeks, fully equipped with ordering and payment functionality. See a textbook example of an opportunity and cash it in.

This proof of concept almost immediately led to the realization of a new webshop in Indonesia, which Wavin wants to copy to other countries. The next step is a global roll-out.

With all these ambitious commerce projects Wavin not only wants to optimize processes and save costs, but above all improve the customer journey. After all, an extra piece of customer convenience indirectly contributes to their goal of advancing life in the world.


Looking ahead

On the road to the future

Sitting still is not one of them

The next step in the collaboration is a product launch in 14 countries based on agile campaign management. In practice: start with a minimum number of advertisements and test and implement improvements in the field of creation, targeting and channels every week. Currently, the installer-oriented Wavin Tigris campaign is also in full swing, digitally guiding wavin Tigris K5/M5's product introduction in Europe. For Wavin, this project is not only a nice kick-off in the digital domain, but also serves as a blueprint for all future campaigns.

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