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End of the Hassle


Every year, more than 1.2 million members of TryghedsFonden get a chance to cast their vote. At stake? Investment in projects that increase security in Denmark. The offline voting process was a hassle: administration was done manually and information was difficult to align.

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Therefore, TryghedsGruppen wanted to digitalize. This would not only automate the administrative-heavy election process, but also set the stage for a more informed election with higher engagement and participation.

Valtech was the partner to make this digitalisation happen. Our consultants proposed a responsive solution, on Sitecore, that works on all platforms. The new website has a younger look and feel and presents the candidates in a professional manner. Information is easily shared and integrated with other media. Depending on the stage of the election, it can be tweaked and adjusted.

Transforming the process


The result of it all? In the election process, the manual administrative tasks are reduced significantly. Information is much more available than before. During the latest election in 2015, more than 80% of the members voted digitally. A true digital transformation for a formerly traditional organisation.

The next step? Digital democracy on a national level. If Valtech were to decide, at least. We have paved the way.

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