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Scaling Salesforce Commerce Cloud for future growth



Based on the success of our intitial collaboration, Vestas and Valtech extended their collaboration to include enhancing Vestas' design and ecommerce capabilities.

We have worked with the Vestas Digital Customer Channels & Experience team to develop a comprehensive ecommerce business plan. The plan includes a business strategy, adoption plan and overarching roadmap.

Valtech is also heading up the continuous improvement of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. As a Salesforce Summit Partner, we possess deep Salesforce expertise, which is what has allowed us to align Salesforce Commerce Cloud improvements to Vestas’ strategy and roadmap. Those improvements have included upgrading to the latest Lightning version, enhancing aspects of CX/UX/UI, code quality, infrastructure elements, QA processes and release procedures.

Alongside Vestas, we helpled build a distributed, cross-functional team of senior B2B Salesforce developers in Montreal and UX/CX/BA professionals in Vestas’hometown of Aarhus.



The ecommerce work between Vestas and Valtech has already yielded several positive outcomes:

  • A successful upgrade to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Lightning.

  • Improved CI/CD pipeline, QA and release processes.

  • Improved stability, allowing the company to focus on new features and greater business impacts.

  • A successful, product-led collaboration that has pioneered a new operational model for the entire Digital Organization.

  • Digital channel revenue growth of more than 40%.


Read more about the work we have done with Vestas.

Working with Valtech has proven to be an excellent choice. With the assistance of Valtech for our ecommerce solution, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth in online revenue, a boost in productivity, and the continuous evolution of our digital capabilities. Valtech's expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions have not only propelled us forward but have also stabilized our ecommerce platform and put us in a much better place compared to a few years back.
As we continue to chart the path forward together, we're confident that our collaboration will not only help drive short-term growth but also help pave the way for a data-driven, product-led approach to enhance and differentiate the ecommerce and customer experience in the years to come.

- Lars Elkjær Andersen, Vice President, Digital Customer Channels & Experience, Vestas


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