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Valtech and Coveo

As a Coveo Partner, Valtech has trained and skilled experts to help you search, organize data and to deliver more personalized experiences for your customers, partners and employees.

Why Valtech

Coveo is designed to pair perfectly with a number of different platforms. Among them are Salesforce and Sitecore. With a long track record on Sitecore and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Valtech is uniquely positioned to help your organisation create business value through your Coveo integration.

Valtech has been in partnership with Coveo since 2017, and in that time, we’ve worked hard to maximize Coveo’s capabilities for a number of different clients. While migrating AO Foundation’s Surgery Reference website to Sitecore, Valtech developers integrated Coveo into the platform, and even created a new functionality to import Word documents directly into the platform. With Valtech, you’re sure to get the top expertise while also delivering solutions our clients didn’t know existed.

About Coveo platforms

Pioneers in cloud-based AI-powered search and recommendations, Coveo’s mission is to transform their customers business by helping their organization deliver more personalized experiences at scale, by ensuring that every customer, partner and employee has contextually relevant information at every touchpoint of their journey.

Coveo Search & Relevance Platform is a modular enterprise search technology that can index information stored in diverse repositories throughout your company, perform usage analytics and metadata enrichment on the indexed content, and make the content findable through search-driven interfaces.

Coveo is also designed to seamlessly integrate into other programs you’re already using. Coveo for Sitecore is an integrated website search product to be used in conjunction with Sitecore's Customer Experience Platform. Coveo for Salesforce is a machine learning integrated CRM search product to be used in conjunction with Service Cloud, App Cloud, and Communities Cloud. And Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers Coveo’s AI-powered capabilities directly within Microsoft Dynamics’ built-in global search box.


Valtech is leading the way helping its clients innovate, grow and deliver engaging digital experiences. Valtech’s strong team of technology, business and creative experts are un-matched in finding ways for companies to capitalise on opportunities brought about by data and AI, and applying the Coveo Experience Intelligence platform. With digital transformation driving new ways of doing business, this strategic global partnership accelerates and further enhances the value we deliver to customers around the world and across industries to bring rich, relevant and contextual content to every interaction using Coveo.

- Marie-Michele Caron, Vice President, Global Alliances, Coveo

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