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Get to Know Novo Nordisk


Founded in 1923 and headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company. They have a dedication to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity and rare blood and endocrine disorders. This focus is accomplished via pioneering scientific breakthroughs, expanding access to medicines and working to prevent and ultimately cure disease.

In the 95+ years that they’ve been in operation, Novo Nordisk has become the most valuable Danish company by market capitalization. With approximately 43,258 employees in 80 countries, they supply 50 percent of the world’s insulin, and their products are marketed more than 170 countries.


Digital Innovation to Meet Growing Patient Demands

Novo Nordisk

In order to work effectively with Novo Nordisk, it is important to understand some of their key challenges when engaging with patients online: 1) A more digitally savvy and empowered patient around the disease. 2) Patients adherence to treatment as prescribed by their doctors, to ultimately achieve positive health outcomes, is still a big challenge.

Multiple factors affect adherence as diabetes is a complex disease. Novo Nordisk has identified five core factors that affect the patient’s individual experience and behaviour: Biomedical (appropriate treatment e.g. OAD, GLP-1, Insulin, A1C), Psychologic (e.g. motivation, depression, mental resources, Socio-structural), and Cultural (e.g. traditions, celebrations, cuisine).

With these factors in mind and after extensive research and feedback from patients and caregivers, as well as Novo Nordisk stakeholders internally (headquarters, regions and affiliates), it was decided to move forward with an innovative project to change the way in which Novo Nordisk engages with patients online. Valtech was selected to drive this strategic project together with Novo Nordisk.

Diabetes What's Next

The new Novo Nordisk portal, Diabetes What’s Next, is uniquely designed for people living with Diabetes. Valtech and Novo Nordisk created a state-of-the-art MVP system that maximizes the use of existing and newly acquired technological tools. It supports a long-term omnichannel vision, that caters to all Novo Nordisk corporate channels and views the channels as a connected ecosystem focused on creating personalized experiences for stakeholders visiting

True Transformation

This will be the first time in Novo Nordisk that Adobe Analytics & Adobe Target are used to cater for automated personalized scenarios, making this so much more than a digital project; it’s a transformation project. Currently, the portal is available in English and Spanish, with five more language versions to be launched in the first half on 2020 (Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish & Finnish). Many more regions and countries are interested in having the portal in 2020.


The Results

Novo Nordisk

The Diabetes What’s Next portal featured over 9,000 visitors the first months after the site went live. While the project and overall relationship is still ongoing, for a solid look at what this work has meant, look no further than this statement from Novo Nordisk’s Online Engagement Manager, Marta Nowotarska:

We are in the process of rolling the portal out globally in over 7 languages, and many more to come throughout 2020, and it’s a huge investment for us organizationally, as we are transforming the way we work – both locally, regionally, but certainly also at Headquarters level. It’s a long journey, but we have come a long way with outside-in focus, flexible approach and not being afraid to test new ways of working.

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