Revolutionizing commerce experiences with Valtech's Always 100 Project on Adobe

VP of Technology, Commerce, North America

fevereiro 21, 2024

Welcome to the future of commerce – Valtech's latest project, “Always 100”, was initiated based on the quest to create the fastest commerce sites in the world, powered by Valtech's innovative approach to using Adobe's Edge Delivery Services with Adobe Commerce.

The guiding principle of Edge Delivery Services is to always be 100 – achieving blazing-fast front-end performance through edge delivery, and low reliance on heavy front-end frameworks and scalable SaaS Catalog APIs. Valtech leverages Edge Delivery Services with Adobe Commerce to ensure fantastic front-end experiences across content and product discovery pages. Now let’s find out why Always 100 is so powerful for merchants. Would you like to see “Always 100” in real-time?


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Accessing the power of Edge Delivery Services for ecommerce

Edge Delivery Services from Adobe provides a radical shift in thinking about how content should be authored and published. By slimming down the frontend significantly, with a low reliance on any heavy javascript frameworks, we can ensure all key metrics for performance are met. Moving the content delivery to the edge (paired with your CDN of choice) further enhances the experience customers receive by ensuring content is pushed as close to them as possible. Developers for example can work with native CSS and JavaScript, avoiding the need to learn complex frameworks. The tooling provided enables quick onboarding, with a focus on speed throughout the build, preview and publish functions. Continuous testing ensures a 100 PageSpeed score with each code commit, keeping developers aware of the speed impact.

Accelerating content authoring efficiency

Edge Delivery Services provides a flexible document-based authoring experience with Google Drive, Sharepoint or a forthcoming AEM integration, authors are empowered through familiar tooling to easily create, update and publish new content across CMS or Catalog pages. Valtech enhances this on Adobe Commerce with Edge Delivery Services, enabling authors to use this familiar tooling to combine the content authoring and commerce experiences in a single interface, enriching the catalog has never been easier. The goal is to make content creation simple and accessible, avoiding the need for complex frameworks for both authors and developers.

Addressing performance challenges with Edge Delivery Services on Adobe Commerce

While the Edge Delivery Services Commerce Boilerplate from Adobe is a starting point, there are several key commerce experiences missing, so Valtech stepped in to fill those gaps. By leveraging our expertise in headless Adobe commerce, we integrated a rich component library to enhance core commerce functionalities, addressing critical aspects like account management, shopping cart, checkout and more.

Enhancing the customer experience

Valtech's collaboration with the Edge Delivery Services team resulted in a complete overhaul of the homepage, product listing pages, and product detail pages. The integration of the catalog for search and catalog functionalities, along with document-based enrichment, significantly improved the overall commerce experience.

Valtech's approach to content authoring involves leveraging familiar tools such as Google Drive and SharePoint. The document-based enrichment process allows authors to enrich different pages through various content block positioning, ensuring a 100 score is maintained.

Delivering enhanced feature capability

Valtech integrates a rich component library to deliver features like account dashboards, shopping carts, checkout, store locator and buy online pick up in-store all deployed through Edge Delivery Services fully integrated with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). The discovery pages received similar attention, incorporating enhanced experiences for the home, category, search, product listing, product page as well as detailed features like attribute display, swatch selection updates, and enhanced product recommendations through Adobe Sensei. Plus, we’ve gone a step further by adding B2B capabilities, catering to a wider range of clients. This includes a full company dashboard, team management, negotiable codes, requisition lists and more.

Achieving the benefits of headless and performance

Leveraging a headless Adobe Commerce experience using PWAs, Valtech merges its development knowledge with Edge Delivery Services, resulting in a fully functional headless commerce experience with a revamped homepage, product listing pages and product detail pages – all maintaining a 100 score.

Cross. Walk. Run. Future proofed for crosswalk

The project ensures advanced content authoring combined with feature-rich commerce components, all delivered to the edge. This crosswalk readiness sets the stage for a new era of content creation and commerce functionality.

Valtech's "Always 100" project showcases the perfect combination of speed, innovation, and functionality in commerce. The project emphasizes making the authoring process user-friendly while ensuring seamless integration and enhanced features. With "Always 100", Valtech has set a new benchmark for fast and fully featured commerce experiences, providing a glimpse of the future of commerce. Get ready to experience the future of commerce with "Always 100." Would you like to see “Always 100” in real-time?


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