The Who-What-Why of Valtech North America's Flexible Paid Time Off

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agosto 02, 2022

As a global digital agency dedicated to delivering experience innovation for clients, we are also committed to improving the employee experience. With our newly announced PTO Policy, employees can now take the time they need, without worrying about eating up vacation days.


The origin of this decision

We held two listening activities in 2021 to explore employee needs and create a concrete plan in response:

  • A Happiness Survey to look at room for improvement in the employee experience.
  • Several “You make a difference” workshops following the survey, where each area of improvement was explored, with ideas sourced directly from employees.

Our Director of People & Culture, Melisa Guerbi, noticed a widespread theme among the main suggestions: a call to revisit the PTO policy to afford more flexibility.

“In the spirit of becoming a feedback-driven organization, Valtech created a plan. Based on the input we received, it was fitting that we test and roll out a Flexible PTO policy.”

- Melisa Guerbi, Director of People & Culture

Shifting employee expectations, globally

This move toward flexibility has been spreading across industries and markets. In a 2022 survey of 211 technology and marketing leaders (more than half of which are in North America), when asked, “What has your company put in place over the past 12 months to respond to the labor shortage / high level of competition for talent?” 51% responded, “increased salaries” while 49% said, “a bigger emphasis on flexible hours or working location.” 29% of respondents said “more days off.”

Surveyed companies offering more days off increased from 20% to 40% between October 2021 and March 2022, while companies offering more flexible hours increased from 45% to 60% between March and June of 2022. Technology and marketing leaders across the globe doubled down on time off and flexibility for their employees between 2021 and 2022.


“Flexible” PTO … what does it actually mean?

Time off at Valtech will no longer be limited, giving employees the flexibility to take the time they need to rest, recharge, and take care of themselves.

“It gives employees the freedom to take time away from the office for personal needs, civic duties, religious observance, mental wellbeing and whatever else their need might be.”

- Marc Blumberg, EVP, North America.


We are asking managers to encourage all teammates to take time off and disconnect from work. If an employee is taking less than 3 weeks of vacation a year, their manager will work with them to ensure they are creating opportunities to fully disconnect.

“At Valtech, we know people have different needs and different lives that require them to spend their time in the best ways for them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for every single person. For us, we know that one of the main keys to a healthy and strong team is personal well-being and through our new flexible PTO policy, we are empowering our teammates in North America to take the time they need, for whatever is important to them.”

- Sheree Atcheson, Global VP, Diversity & Inclusion

Our Valtech team is growing. Want to join a culture that values your right to disconnect from work? Check out our career opportunities.

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