Valtech Bolsters Senior Leadership Team with New VP, Client Partner

julho 08, 2022

New York, July 8th 2022: Attracted to Valtech’s innovative offering and cross-border cooperation, Shantanu Rana joins the global digital agency, adding years of experience and dedication as a business, marketing and communications expert.

Valtech welcomes Shantanu Rana as VP, Client Partner. With 25 years of experience overseeing strategy for top telecommunications, financial services, insurance, automotive, and entertainment brands, with firms such as RGA, PwC, Publicis and Mercer. Shantanu Rana will lead and further develop a customer-centric view at Valtech with a focus on customer journey and customer behavior as part of Valtech’s North American Senior Leadership team.

In a time of complex challenges, we need creative problem-solvers

From getting a previous organization to a place of zero involuntary staff attrition for almost 5 years to co-founding People First RH, a software for reporting and resolving workplace harassment, Shantanu is a fan of putting people first.

“My approach to any problem starts with a reflection on people’s well-being,” says Shantanu. “This should be the case for how we treat our colleagues and how we develop innovative solutions for clients. By interacting with client representatives as individuals, for example, rather than faceless companies, we can focus on individual connections that create strong value and goodwill.”

Behavioral communications: Shantanu’s differentiator

“Behavioural communications puts people first and also focuses on changing customer behaviour to create habits,” says Shantanu. “If you forget your wallet at home, you could manage to get through the day. But if you forget your phone, that’s a much larger inconvenience. At Valtech, we walk alongside our clients to think about the customer, their journey, and how we can communicate throughout each step of the customer journey so that loyalty will stick.”

A good time to focus on organic growth

Shantanu believes that the time is now for companies to focus on organic growth and that Valtech is uniquely positioned to guide clients on that path: “Valtech has great depth and scalability, as well as subject matter expertise. My expertise is problem-solving on a business and strategy level by melding different knowledge sources."

A strategic hire to elevate client services

According to Shannon Ryan, EVP, North America, Valtech had been looking for a leader to walk alongside clients as they navigate new and complex problems, with a people-first lens. With Shantanu’s background and approach, he was an obvious choice for the job:

“Shantanu has such a clear vision and passion for communicating with people, building relationships and creating stories. His background and approach is indicative of the profile our clients can count on as we continue to grow their business. Valtech knows that breakthrough innovation happens at the intersection of disciplines, industries and cultures. Challenging market conditions require creative thinking as well as doing, and we’re thrilled to have Shantanu join us and bring both to the table.”

A self-professed geek, who likes to disassemble and reassemble items in his free time just to see how they work, Shantanu Rana will work out of Valtech’s offices in New York and serve clients and teams across North America.