Valtech expands its presence in MENA with the opening of its new office in Saudi Arabia

janeiro 24, 2024

Located in Riyadh, the business transformation agency’s additional location responds to a demand for digital innovation and expertise in the region

Saudi ArabiaGlobal business transformation agency Valtech is delighted to announce the opening of its new office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The new office strengthens Valtech's blueprint in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and reaffirms its commitment to fostering digital innovation in Saudi Arabia.


As one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the world, Valtech has been at the forefront of digital transformation, assisting businesses in adapting to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. The establishment of a local office in Riyadh presents an exceptional opportunity for Valtech to continue bringing its expertise and cutting-edge solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while benefiting more brands in the region who are embarking on their business transformation journeys.


The expansion into Riyadh will allow Valtech to tap into the country's vibrant market and leverage the immense potential for digital transformation. The new office will serve as a hub for providing tailored digital services and innovative solutions to clients across various industries, including finance, retail, tourism, healthcare, and more.


Adam Cukrowski, Regional Managing Director at Valtech, said: "This move marks a significant milestone for Valtech as we deepen our presence in the MENA region. By being on the ground, we can better understand the local market dynamics and serve our clients more effectively. The Saudi talent pool is remarkable, and we’re committed to further harnessing local expertise. By combining Valtech's global knowledge with local insights and skills, we aim to deliver exceptional results that meet the unique needs and aspirations of our Saudi clients. Were excited to work alongside passionate professionals who are committed to driving digital innovation in their own country."


With the new office in Riyadh, Valtech is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape in Saudi Arabia and contribute to the country's ambitious Vision 2030 goals. With its global expertise, extensive experience, and local talent, Valtech aims to help Saudi businesses thrive in the digital age and accelerate their growth.


The news of Riyadh’s opening comes after the appointment of Adam Cukrowski as the Regional Managing Director for MENA. Under his leadership, with the opening of the Saudi office, the region continues to experience growth and remain at the forefront of digital excellence in the region.