Valtech partners with ChatLabs to deliver unmatched customer experiences on Salesforce in China

abril 13, 2023

Shanghai, China - ChatLabs and Valtech are proud to announce their partnership to offer an innovative solution for complete customer 360° experiences on Salesforce in China. This partnership combines the CRM platform of Salesforce, the implementation expertise of Valtech, and the social channel native integration capabilities of ChatLabs to provide an accelerated solution that enables brands to adapt to local digital ecosystems faster, connect with their customers, and sell more effectively by creating automated hyper-personalized experiences on any social channel.

The three companies' solutions fit seamlessly together, with Salesforce's CRM platform providing the foundation for customer relationship management, Valtech's implementation expertise ensuring a comprehensive and efficient deployment, and ChatLabs' native integration capabilities enabling brands to engage and convert customers on any major social platforms. Together, they offer a truly comprehensive solution that enables brands to create automated hyper-personalized experiences that resonate with their customers, driving engagement and nurturing loyalty.




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Our new strategic partnership with Valtech is a natural fit, and we are excited to offer this innovative solution to brands in China. Our integration with Salesforce's CRM platform, combined with Valtech's expertise in Salesforce implementation and deployment on Alicloud, enables brands to optimize their customer relationship management and deliver personalized experiences across all channels. This is an exciting time for us, and we look forward to helping brands in China build stronger relationships with their customers.

Michel Tjoeng
- SVP of Sales & Marketing at ChatLabs




China represents a huge opportunity for many if not most businesses. The end-to-end capabilities Valtech has in delivering the full Salesforce platform globally combined with our local expertise in China makes them the right partner for our international brands.

We’re excited that through our partnership with ChatLabs we will be able to help customers rapidly deploy their projects in a manner keeping with the best practice experiences for the Chinese market

Patrick de Moustier
EVP and Regional Managing Director APMENA at Valtech


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Together, ChatLabs, Valtech, and Salesforce are offering a game-changing solution for brands in China, enabling them to create full customer 360° experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

With our combined expertise and capabilities, brands can adapt to the local digital ecosystem faster and sell more effectively by creating automated, hyper-personalized experiences on any social channel.