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Get to Know Ortho Clinical Diagnostics


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD), once part of Johnson & Johnson and recently acquired by The Carlyle Group, is a force in the world of transfusion medicine and laboratories. Its singular goal “is to help hospitals, laboratories and blood centers worldwide deliver results that help patients experience a better quality of life.”

Yet, there were pitfalls holding OCD back. Members of its global sales team had little in the way of structure and guidance to unify their sales efforts into one cohesive plan of attack.

Solutions that Drive Knowledge

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Valtech stepped in to build a more structured approach by developing the iPadSmartPresenter app, which created a framework and content repository of approved collateral from which the salesforce could pull materials to tailor their pitch presentations. Thus, tapping the team into a shared storehouse to present a uniformly yet flexible branded message.

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The Art of the Relationship

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

OCD still had a problem though. Now that the salesforce had been unified, they needed new and engaging content with which to customize their pitches. Valtech reinforced the app by working in concert with members of OCD’s marketing team to produce both core content and enhanced content to populate the presentations, showing yet another level of our expertise and dedication.

Valtech and OCD have sown the seeds for a lasting relationship and laid the foundations for the future.